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Connection + Inspiration + Good Times

Me in a nutshell...

Much like my passion to connect through photography, the desire for connection carries through every area of my life. My husband and I do youth ministry with our local church, and most weeks you can find us hanging out with a group of teenagers. I have a big family. I’m the oldest of seven, and love spending time with them — whether it be sharing a meal or playing a game with them. I’m a celebrator of people, a lover of making new, authentic friendships and having deep conversations — connection.

I find inspiration for my life and work through traveling. I’ve been to Europe three times and swear I could live in Italy’s countryside. I also find solace and inspiration by being outside (give me a good sunset and I’m done) — inspiration.

And lastly, I’m a girl who loves a good time. I love breakfast, coffee dates, wine, and a good charcuterie — good times.

Want to get to know me more? Reach out — let’s have a coffee date!

Grace Trexel

Why photography

When I first picked up a camera four years ago, I had a realization: there’s a part to storytelling that you can’t express with words alone. There’s a whole side to a story that can only be captured through photography.

You can read about the emotion on someone’s face, but until you see that emotion, you’re not fully able to grasp the realness of the moment someone is in.

From there, I was hooked. Documenting people’s stories and making them feel seen and valued is what I’m passionate about.

I’m here to tell your story.


Here to remember —

Capturing a part of your story is such an honor.

Let's get to it!

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