5 Tips For 2023 Seniors (A Picnic in the Wildflowers)

Hallie // A Picnic in the Wildflowers

1. First, choose what’s most important to you about your session. 

Then, base all of the other details off of that. If you have a scene you’re envisioning, a style of outfit you’re dying to wear or a favorite childhood spot— do it! Choosing what’s most important to you first makes all of the other details easier to decide. Also, once it comes time to do the shoot, you will feel at ease and comfortable in that environment. So, what locations, accessories, props, activities, sports, vibes, or outfits are most important to you?

2. “Make sure you love your outfits,”

said a very wise 2022 senior. There is nothing worse than getting to your session and realizing your outfit is uncomfortable and you’re constantly pulling something up or down. You want your outfits to represent you and still be flirty or edgy but make sure you’ve tried them on beforehand and walked around in them a bit. Do a stand, sit, squat, run test to see how they feel after some movement.

3. Bring more than just outfits.

If you want to have a unique session, you have to own it. We all have fun, goofy, crazy sides— so show it off. Think of what your favorite things are, it can be related to your style, aesthetic, foods, hobbies, music or sports, and we’ll find a way to incorporate them. For Hallie, she wanted to do something unique so we styled her shoot around a picnic. She brought the cutest basket, flowers, juice, blanket and wore white rimmed glasses. If you need help, just tell me your idea and we’ll brainstorm together to make it happen.

4. The day of your shoot: bring water, a snack, makeup for touch ups, a fan if it’s hot and WALKING SHOES!

Ladies, no one wants to walk a half a mile in heels before we actually get to take pictures of you in those heels. Birks are a much more comfortable option. Your shoot will be anywhere from 2-4 hours with drive time or getting professional hair and makeup. I don’t know about you but I’m a snacker so I always bring at least one water bottle and a couple of snacks to most sessions.

5. Take a deep breath and just be yourself.

You may feel a little nervous at the beginning and that’s okay. Just remember to have fun. You’re going to gain so much confidence throughout your senior session and you are literally GOING TO BE SHINING by the end, I guarantee it.

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